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Fieldstone Veterinary Care
4355 Homer Road
Jonesville, Michigan 49250
Open weekdays 8 AM-5 PM,  Sat. 9-noon
About Fieldstone Veterinary Care
Is your pet sick? Bring it in. Same day service is available during our regular office hours if you come in before 4:30 p.m Mon.-Friday. If you call first, we'll be able to tell you the best time to come in for a minimal wait and prepare for your visit.   

Our caring staff is led by Dr. Mike McGonigal with a commitment to provide  the best value in veterinary services.* Dr. McGonigal has extensive experience including complex orthopedic surgeries. In house labs and digital xrays provide needed diagnostic information quickly. 

*It's affordable, but not free. Checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover  credit cards are accepted and payment is expected at time of service. 
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Lyme disease kills.
We have Lyme disease vaccine for your dog

Humans can't get a shot for Lyme disease, but dogs can. We both can become fatally sick from the bite of a deer tick. These ticks have arrived with birds travelling west to the Great Lakes. Sad to say, dogs in southern Michigan have already been fatally infected with Lyme disease. Some dogs can be saved, but if they're in renal failure, they cannot. 

SYMPTOMS include: rash, limping, lethargy, heart and kidney problems. Veterinarians in neighboring counties have seen dogs that are lame from the disease. Lameness may be the first visible onset, but Lyme disease can sometimes affect the kidneys, causing renal failure so severe that by the time it's noticed, the dog cannot be saved. Lyme disease nephritis symptoms include vomiting, not eating, lethargy, weight loss, increased water consumption, increased urine volume and swelling of legs. 

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